A legacy of Homeopathy

Brand Ramakrishna has been synonymous with quality and confidence in Homeopathy medicines over the past seven and a half decades. Established in the year 1937, Ramakrishna has been serving the homoeopathic needs of the country steadfastly and ensuring that there is a constant supply of excellent quality of homoeopathy medicines. If one can measure the assets of this company, it can be best summarized by a quote by Marshall Field that “Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy”. It has taken persistent endeavor towin this trust and ensure that the requirement of every customer is met to the best of his satisfaction.

The founder of this enterprise, Late Sri Nyapati Venkata Srinivasa Rao, comes from a very humble family of academicians. He was taken in so much by the sheer simplicity and yet so effectivea system of medicine in homoeopathy that he enlisted himself to study it in a formal setting at Kakinada and eventually at Madras. His pioneering spirit did not stop there, he was driven by an enthusiasm to share this amazing technology and spread it within the state of Andhra Pradesh. Late Dr. N. V. Srinivasa Rao was mainly responsible for the growth of homeopathic trade in Andhra Pradesh. He established Ramakrishna Homeo Stores at Tenali in 1937 and shifted the same to Vijayawada in view of increased demand for homeopathic medicines. He worked for sixteen hours a day and he would passionately explain the advantages of homeopathy to his customers with a missionary zeal. As more and more people preferred homeopathy, he had opened a branch at Hyderabad, which eventually became the head office, to cater to the growing needs of the people and dealers. Ramakrishna Homeo Stores was amongst many firsts, one of the very first companies in India having a direct business with Boericke & Tafel [USA],Willmar Schwabe [Germany] and Madaus & Co [Germany]. They had acquired the license to procure original back potencies from Germany and USA. Soon, Ramakrishna Homeo Stores became a household name in twin cities and it occupied a unique place in Andhra Pradesh.

His children, Dr N.Krishna Rao and Sri N.Rama Rao, who too were committed to homoeopathy, started the manufacturing unit under the name M/s. Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals and soon it grew intoa very popular brand in the country as one of the reliable units supplying genuine medicines. Soon, both the companies were converted into limited companies. While Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P]Ltd expanded to stock and trade in whole sale and retail sales of exclusive national and international brands and started export trading under license, Ramakrishna Homeo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd expanded further to have three facilities for manufacturing, an exclusive godown and a head office under the chairmanship of Dr. N Krishna Rao, whose richexperience extended not only into the company but into the Homoeopathic industry of the country, just to cite a few of hiscontributions in the past as:

  • The founder secretary of Dr. N . M. Jai Soorya Homeopathic medical college, Hyderabad.
  • Member of Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Committee of Govt Of India.
  • Member of the evaluation and monitoring committee of central council for research in homeopathy, Govt of India.
  • Honorary advisor in Homeopathy, Govt of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Secretary of All India Homeopathic Chemists Association.

He has helped the organization to establish its contacts with the trade and the profession. He is also the editor of Care and Cure, an English bulletin from the house of Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. The bulletin is sent free of cost to the members of profession throughout the country. He feels this as a service to the profession which always kept the quality of Ramakrishna products dearer to it.
The company is confident that with the continuous support of the trade and the profession it can peg down, in future, the retail prices to ensure that the consumer is not burdened. The company expresses its gratitude to the people who supported Homeopathy all these Years.
Its commitment will be “High Quality with Affordable Cost”.
Recently it has been awarded G.M.P (Good manufacturing Practices) certification by the department of AYUSH, Govt of A.P. In the field of homeopathic medicine, homeopathic physicians, stockists and distributors across India have come to trust and rely on products carrying the brand name of RP. It is one name which has maintained a stringent quality control and purity till date.Ramakrishna Homeo Pharmaceuticals [P] Ltd had started initially with a small range of products and gradually expanded into producing the entire range of Homoeopathic products, while systematically developing procedures and indigenous process for quality control and maximum yield.

To briefly summarize the range of our products,
Bio-Chemic Medicines

These are chemically pure salts, which are homogenous to the cell minerals in the human body. Disturbed molecular motion in the cell can be rectified by these salts which can also compensate the losses incurred during a disease.

To ensure the quality, the crudes are prepared in our laboratory with utmost care under personal supervision of a well-qualified Chemist.

BYCOS (Bio-Chemic Combinations)

BYCOs are bio-chemic combinations designed for certain common ailments and are exclusively made under experienced pharmacists. These BYCO’S Products are 28 in number covering all common ailments. Each is a combination of selected Bio-Chemic medicines, found very handy in times of need. Many practitioners are of the opinion that these BYCO combinations are found very effective as household remedies.

Homeopathic Dilutions and Mother Tinctures.

Mother tinctures made at our facility are prepared from Grain Based E.N.A (Extra Neutral Alcohol). There are more than 205 Mother Tinctures that Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals manufactures where groups vary from A to G.Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals have acquired a nationwide reputation for our excellence in manufacturing of Mother Tinctures and Dilutions which have effective results.Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals offers a wide range of Dilutions whose Potencies vary from 30, 200, 1M.


Our Products is the outcome of clinical experience and advice of reputed physicians. Today RP products find a place of preference as household remedies. The different Specialties that Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals manufacture are

  1. Alfalfa – A general tonic
  2. Ashwas – A cough syrup
  3. Babivit – A tonic for Children
  4. Carnogen – A heart tonic
  5. Jeernashakti – A digestive tonic
  6. Femitone – A female tonic
  7. Five Phos – A general tonic with Ginseng
  8. Haematon – A blood purifier
  9. Hepatica – A Liver tonic


Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals also manufacture other major specialties which are Oils, Tablets, Granules as well.
This is the main vehicle for dispensing physician’s prescription. The best quality of Sucrose is used and no whitening agent is added during the process to ensure the effectiveness of the prescription.Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals have earned a nationwide reputation for Globules where many physicians have claimed to have said that our globules are the best in the market.
Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals take utmost care in making globules from the stage when Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals procure the raw material, i.e., sugar, to the final product.

Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals manufacture other major products such as Diskettes, Blank Tablets, Creams, Eternal Oils, Homeo Trituration’s and Tablets.

Our Research and Development

The research and Development wing of RP which was initiated by Late Dr. D. Raghavendra Rao, former Director of Medical and Health Services, Govt of A.P, contributed a lot in maintaining the Quality of inputs of a Product.
With the assistance of R&D, Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals could improve the process and preparation of our Homeopathic Medicines. Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals has well equipped Laboratory, where the Raw materials are identified and vigorously tested before taking them in to production, so as to ensure Strict Quality Standards and thequality of the raw materials which in turn results in effective and efficient Medicines.
Recently with the help of our R&D team,Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals have introduced New Products into the market which are:

  1. Alfalfa Malt – A general tonic
  2. Charmy - A face cream for a healthy and glowing skin
  3. Phytolacca Berry – Tablets for weight Loss.

Our ongoing efforts to make available various kinds of homoeopathic products, other than those manufactured by Ramakrishna Pharmaceuticals, to every section of the homoeopathic community with products from other reputed manufacturers continue through our sister concernRamakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd, where.….
Miraculous cures are possible in homeopathy, but the drugs have to be of the finest quality to achieve it. The quality of the drug makes all the difference, because only to pure and potent medicine can bring about the cure. The doctor may be good, his diagnosis great, but if the medicine is of poor quality a cure can never come about!
Having understood this as a fundamental prerequisite of a pharmacist,Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd has maintained a stringent quality control and purity till date, be it the stocks that we carry or dispense.
Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd. is the most trusted name in the homoeopathic healthcare industry for the past seventy years.It stocks products from reputed domestic manufacturers and is one of the largest stockists of genuine products from Europe, United States of America and England.
To further ensure quality, Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd has set up its own dispensing and pharmacy where it has a complete control not only on the purity of the dispensing materials and processes, but alsoensures good dispensing methods and follows the Standard Operating Procedures diligently, because of which the AYUSH department of Andhra Pradesh awarded Good Manufacturing Practices, (GMP) certificate.
Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd.’sclaim to fame is its traditional love for purity and quality. Every product, displayed on its shelves finds a place only if it meets the basic standards of quality. So if you see a product in Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd, be it of any brand or name, rest assured it is a good and reliable medicine.


  • Mother Tinctures: Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd stock a very large range & also very rare tinctures.
  • Homeopathic Dilutions: (Decimal, Centesimal and 50 Millisimal Scales) of the highest quality.
  • Biochemic Medicines:(Schussler’s tissue salts) both indigenous and imported Biochemic Triturations and Tablets..
  • Ointments: Creams, Pomades.
  • Globules, Diskettes, Blank Tablets made from quality sucrose and lactose.
  • Specialty Patent Products: Only the most researched and quality formulations from top companies of National and International Repute.
  • Books: A very wide range and the latest books on Homeopathic and related Health Care subjects from the best publishers of the world in regional languages and English.
  • Personal Care Products: Shampoos, Soaps, Hair Tonics, Toothpastes, Creams, etc., and a wide range of natural products.
  • Software: Homeopathic Software for Professionals.

Specialty Services

  • Quality Products:A very large inventory of generic products from world – renowned organizations and new remedies, be it a nosode, sarcode, autonosode, allersode, tautopathic remedy, any plant/mineral products are available.
  • Product Engineering and Magisterial Preparations: Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd undertakes potentization of any drugs of up to 6th potency in decimal, 200th in Centesimal and in the Millesimal scale of potency (LM). Further it has started potentising Auto nosodes & Sarcodes up to 6x potency and 12c potency as per customer’s choice. To maintain the accuracy and authenticity all potencies are handmade according to the Hahnemannian method by qualified chemists.
  • Global Resourcing: Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd Imports any product or literature from any source in the world making importing easy for customers.
  • Customized International Dispensing for Doctors: Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd undertake dispensing and documentation for dispensing of Doctor’s prescriptions to any corner of the globe.


Consultancy Services

  • Clinical Consultancy:Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd provides all the necessary technical assistance to start your own Clinic/Dispensary.
  • Retailing Services:Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd offers consultancy in documentation and technical assistance to start your own stores, retail pharmacy.
  • Manufacturing Process:Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd can provide the necessary technical assistance and facilates to set up your own manufacturing unit and quality control lab.


We, at Ramakrishna, are ever grateful to our customers for their faith in our efforts and products which is an immense source of encouragement to continue to “strive towards excellence”.