TraWell Kit


Travel with your family, friends or someone you love is splendid, stimulating and just filled with loads of fun as long as you are not sick, injured, debilitated or otherwise not feeling well. We would much rather spend playing and enjoy super fresh breeze in a beach, than lying in a hotel room or hospital bed feeling terrible, wishing we could be out enjoying our favorite leisure activities. What to do? Bring along your RHS homeopathy TRAWELL™ KIT. A few small granules of an effective homeopathic medicine and you’ll be on the path to health or at least on the road to a great restaurant, trekking trail or beach for a pleasant sunset.

Why only homeopathic medicines:

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective, quick, inexpensive, light weight, natural, non-toxic, easy to use, and extensively available. With a list like that, you’ll soon find that they are an indispensable addition to your traveling essentials.

RHS TRAWELL™ KIT is specially designed as user friendly. It comes in a lightweight, spill free packing very compact in design that will fit into any corner of your luggage. The detailed user guide will help any traveler to diagnose the illness and take the correct medicine.

These invaluable medicines essentially work by matching the symptoms of your illness exactly, thus stimulating your body and mind to begin a healing process which results in elimination of the illness. RHS TRAWELL™ KIT has been designed very meticulously with a collection of medicines, which have been carefully selected by our team of doctors. These remedies are capable of healing some of the most common complaints of illness during the travel viz Acidity, Car Sickness, and Complaints due to shock / Fright / Accident, Food Poisoning, Snake and animal bites, Burns, Injuries, even Chest infections and ask what not?