ANODYNE® HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAID is a collection of some very essential homeopathic remedies. This kit has been designed with meticulous care keeping in view of the medical needs at home, office or institutions. It contains about eighty well selected homoeopathic remedies which cover a very wide range of medical complaints. The remedies have been compiled from an assortment of 30th and 200th centesimal potencies for most beneficial results. Three special remedies are provided in mother tinctures [Cantharis, Hammamelis and Cactus Grandifolia]. A special mention must be made regarding a Bach Flower composite, the Rescue Remedy [made from five flower essences from Mount Vernon in England]. This is a very useful remedy in emergencies, shock, anxiety, distress and acute emotional upsets. The dosage is, 2-3 drops in a tea spoon full of water every ½ hour till relief in noticed.

Homoeopathic medicines must be used judiciously, it is a holistic system of medicine wherein any symptom or sign is considered as a reflection of the human suffering in total. Therefore, the remedies cannot be used independently for a single complaint. The working of the Homeopathic medicines can best be explained as, a stimulant to the natural reparative mechanism immure system. For a single or complex reasons, the harmony in a healthy individual can be interrupted and a chain of symptoms are triggered off leading to a state of disease. It is here that the prescriber must clearly perceive the cause of these symptoms and rectify the same with an appropriate remedy.

However, the following popular books on Homeopathy are recommended for the best benefit:

1) Beginners guide to Homeopathy by T.S. lyer

2) Herring's Domestic physician

3) Family Practice by Bhattacharya

4) Family Homeopathic Medicine by Panos & Heimlich

Homeopathy is an advanced science of medicine, it is being acknowledged by a great many scientists of today. It has been accepted and used worldwide now, with a lot of countries implementing it in their government health programmes. This system of medicine was founded by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann and developed it into a highly evolved medical system. He was a great visionary, a compassionate physician, a high intellectual well versed in several languages and sciences. The concepts of Homeopathic Science which were laid down by Dr.Hahnemann in his “Organon” are now being unravelled gradually by the current scientific techniques, but this only goes to prove that he was a man of great forethought and his teachings have a lot more of depth than what can be verified by today's scientific parameters. Homoeopathy is a science founded upon laws of nature and over the years it has been developed into a refined art of science. This kit is most useful as an excellent first line of treatment in acute emergencies, in remote areas and while in travel, etc., until a medical professional can be contacted. To get the most out of this kit, it is advisable for the user to keep in touch with a Homeopathic professional and understand its scope and limitation.

Common Myths & Facts

MYTH: Homeopathy is slow acting.

FACT: Homeopathy is fast acting in acute cases and can be effectively used in treating infections, fever, cold etc. Infact, a correctly chosen remedy by a homeopathic expert can relive the complaint instantaneously. Since most of the cases which come to Homeopathy are chronic, it is but natural that the body requires a good amount of time to recoup and recover from the complications once the treatment is started. However, since all acute complaints are considered as sporadic “flare ups” of a chronic or constitutional problem, they can be relieved immediately and rapidly with a proper understanding of the main complaint (or constitution).


MYTH: While using Homoeopathic medicines, all complaints get worse initially before getting better.

FACT: That is not true in acute complaints and it happens occasionally in chronic diseases ONLY if they have been suppressed or if they have not been treated properly in the past. This can also be avoided with the right drug and the right potency. However, if aggravations of the symptoms occur while there is a sense of well being, it is a good sign and it indicate a definite cure.


MYTH: Food items are strictly restricted.

FACT: There are no restrictions of food items as is commonly believed except in situations where there is a known sensitivity or allergy to certain foods. Stimulants like coffee, alcohol, tobacco etc., which are known to reduce the body's resistance on continuous usage are to be avoided. Strongly flavoured food, spices are to be avoided before or after using the medicine for a while.


MYTH: Are there really no side-effects of homeopathic medicines?

FACT: There are definitely no lethal or toxic side effects in homeopathy and even more so if the medicine is prescribed in potencies of 3CH and above. However, some tinctures and triturations in very low potencies like 1x, 2 x. have some side-effects of a minor nature. Sometimes, homeopathic medicines in higher dilutions may also elicit “drugproving” in sensitive individuals. But just like any other medicine, homeopathic medicines should be used with caution and in chronic ailments, they should be used only after consulting a qualified homeopath.

The kit contains the following medicines

Abies - Nigra 200

Aconite-Napelles 30

Allium Cepa 200

Aloes Soc. 200

Alumina (Ox) 200

Ammonium Carb. 200

Antimonium Crudum 200

Antimonium Tart 200

Apis Mellifica 200

Argentum Nitricum 200

Arnica Mont. 200

Arnica Mont. 1000

Arsenic Album 200

Arundo Mar 30

Aurum Metallicum 200

Baryta Carb 200

Belladonna 200

Belladonna 1000

Borax 200

Brynia Alb. 200

Cactus G. 200

Cactus G. Q 10 ML

Calcarea Carb. 30

Calcarea Fluor. 30

Calendula Off. Q 15 ML

Camphor 200

Cantharis 200

Cantharis Q 10 ML

Carbo Veg. 200

Causticum 200

Chamomilla 30

China Off. 200

Cicuta Virosa 200


Cina 200

Cocculus 200

Coffea Cruda 200

Colocynthis 200

Cuprum Met. 200

Drosera 200

Dulcamara 200

Eupatorium Perf. 200

Euphrasia 200

Gelsemium Semp. 200

Glonoine 200

Graphites 200

Hamamelis Vir. 200

Hamamelis Vir. Q 10 ML

Hepar Sulph. 200

Hypericum 200

Influenzin 200

Ipecac. 200

Kali Bichromicum 200

Kreosotum 30

Lachesis 200

Ledum Pal. 200

Lycopodium 200

Merc. Cor. 30

Merc. Sol. 200

Millefolium 200

Myristica Seb. 200

Natrum Mur. 200

Nitric Acid 200

Nux Vomica 200

Phosphorus 200

Podophyllum Pelt. 200

Pulsatilla Nig. 30

Rescue Remedy

Rhus Tox. 1000

Rhus Tox. 200

Ruta Grav. 200

Sanguinaria Can. 200

Sepia 200

Silicea 200

Silicea 1000

Spigelia Anth. 200

Staphysagria 200

Sulphur 200

Thuja occ. 200

Veratrum Alb. 200

Veratrum Alb. 1000